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No need to wait, it’s time to “Dedicate”!

A time of joy, a time of feasting, but above all, a time of dedication. The festival of lights that we celebrate for eight nights holds a powerful message. This Hanukkah NATSAR ISRAEL will be releasing their catchy song “Dedicate”! After the first candle is lit, at midnight on December 8th, “Dedicate” will be live for all to enjoy!

About The Album

“Dedicate” captures the message of the Jewish Festival of Hanukkah, conveying the exultation of the feast and the battle of cleansing the temple of Yahweh. The meaningful lyrics, accompanied by the Judaically arranged violins, compel the listener to perform the introspection and to emerge triumphant. Additionally, the catchy tune brings out the joy of the season and reminds us of what we are celebrating, a victory of our people!

Natsar Israel’s Miracle Of Hanukkah

The release of this song is NATSAR ISRAEL’s Hanukkah miracle this year. Much prayer and dedication on the part of the band and production team have prepared the way for “Dedicate” to premier worldwide. In the words of one of the members, “Just as the miracle Yahweh granted the Maccabees impacted all of God’s people and cleansed the temple, we pray that the release of “Dedicate,” our Hanukkah miracle, would impact Yahweh’s people and cleanse the temple, that is, every listening ear” (NATSAR ISRAEL, 2023). The heart of NATSAR ISRAEL is to spread the Good News through the lens of its culture and original roots, to unite all nations all over the world in praise to the Most High.

“It has the power to encourage and save the hopeless be they gentile or Jew.” – Bernie Beldner

“It truly sends chills up and down my spine every time I hear that angelic voice sing!” – Isaiah McLeod

When their music fills our rooms it is truly remarkable. – Adrienne McLeod

“These young ladies have been given talents that will bless every listening ear.” – Darlene Llorens

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