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Worship In “Spirit And Truth” With NATSAR ISRAEL

Worship music is an integral part of the walk of many believers. The songs we listen to shape our values and influence our worship of God. Yahweh specifies what kind of worshipers He is seeking, namely those who will worship Him in Spirit and Truth. These Fall Feasts NATSAR ISRAEL is launching their second album, “Spirit And Truth.” September 22nd at midnight the new release will be live on all streaming platforms.

About The Album

“Spirit And Truth” explores all the different facets of worship, covering relationship, gratitude, submission, awe, faith, fear of God, obedience and glory. Every song is solely based on scriptures interwoven by guidance of the Holy Spirit to showcase the balance we are to strive for on our journey of sanctification, with thanksgiving to the one who made the Way, Yeshua our Messiah. Different passages come to life to NATSAR ISRAEL’s unique sound, composed of exciting violin and heartfelt vocals to lyrics that open hearts to yield to the transformational work of the Holy Spirit.
This new album is the fruit of much prayer and hard work that Yahweh is doing through the members of the band. NATSAR ISRAEL is devoted to using their God-given talents to spread the Gospel from its original roots in an exciting new way to all nations around the world. “It is our prayer that this album would inspire people to press in closer to Yahweh and His Ways, to see the Kingdom of Heaven grow stronger and more numerous as the Day draws near” (NATSAR ISRAEL, 2023). When people listen to NATSAR ISRAEL’s music, they readily declare that “it has the power to encourage and save the hopeless be they gentile or Jew” (Bernie Beldner). As a Messianic band, NATSAR ISRAEL’s music repairs the breach between those on the left and right, and unites Yahweh’s worshipers on the narrow path that balances both sides, the Spirit and the Truth.

“It takes me into the Holy of Holies.” – Isaiah McLeod

“It helps me return to peace.” – Julia Harrington

“Some truly wonderful, beautiful music.” – Josiah McLeod

“It has the power to encourage and save the hopeless be they gentile or Jew.” – Bernie Beldner

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